Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear Comcast:

  • Quit refurbishing your cable boxes and doling them out as new (or "improved"). And stop having your staff claim they're not (refurbished).
  • Stop having your customer service refer customers to having a technician come to visit, and have the technician say not to "trust the customer service because they don't know what they're doing" (and vice versa). Both sides hate each other equally. 
  • Don't allow your customer service to send multiple signals to a box, to then say that maybe the customer has a loose connection; perhaps move some wires around. That fail? It must be your TV.

Comcast, you ducking suck. There's a reason people are taking their service elsewhere, if they're lucky enough!

Here we thought that our Comcast issues were going to be resolved when we moved. New city, new state, new everything. We guessed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrong.

Because Comcast has such a stronghold on places, there's no opportunity to go with another provider. My complex supplies this (shit) service because it's easy. In reality, they've probably blocked CenturyLink and everything else from coming in....probably themselves getting a discount. I don't blame the complex for the cable issues, honestly. I blame the cable provider.

Since starting new down here, we've had nothing but problems.

Currently, we're on the 5th or 6th cable box for our main room. Why, you ask? Because Comcast refurbishes boxes. Honest truth. 9 our of 10 boxes are so old and put together, that it's a wonder how they make it out the door in proper working order. Most boxes, once returned to the warehouse, get gutted, cleaned out, soldered  back together and sold as new. You will never find a cable box that is fresh out the box, never worn. Like they used to say in clothing: "It'll ride up with wear". True that! Comcast makes your blood pressure rise up with wear too!

I've heard nothing but problems with this provider. They screw you out of everything, just to get you addicted to TV, Internet or having a land line phone. We're an addicted society. We have to be be connected to everything all the time. Hell, I'm writing this on a blog, on the Internet, in my room, using Comcast High Speed Cable. My mother is in the other room, watching HDTV and talking on the land line.

But for crying out loud. Dear Comcast. Your service sucks. You aggravate the hell out your customers based on the simple PEBCAK reasoning. Only the problem exists not on your end, but the customers'.

We were going to OnDemand Dexter and Homeland tonight, having missed both shows on its original airing. So, we sit down, get comfortable, and fucking hell! Error message on the video on demand! The error message said to unplug the cable, wait one minute, plug it back in. Okay. Done. Now, it won't even turn on. Call Comcast. 50 minutes later, our other box doesn't work, numerous refresh signals were sent to both boxes, the customer support woman even said that it's not the box. It's our TV. Because ports can go at any moment, maybe if we unplug the HDMI wire from where it is on the back of the TV and plug it into another HDMI outlet, it will work. The only thing wrong with this somewhat reasonable request? The sodding box is the problem. It won't turn on. It's not the TV we're having an issue with. We can't power on the cable box now! How can we see a picture, if oh, the port on the television is the problem? The new Sanyo tv, that is a little over a year old, is the root of the problem and is broken. This happens. It's never the cable provider. The TV is the one sending bad signals to the box, making the box not work. Oooookaaaaayy....

I tell you. Comcast is nothing but trouble. They can't get their shit together and pull a proper answer out of their asshole. We once asked why we sometimes get squiggly lines on the top of out screen when watching regular TV. The answer? That's the broadcaster's way of trying to be HD. You must always watch HD channels, no matter what. No matter what??? Majority of the channels aren't in high definition yet!!

Please, some business take the monopoly away from this provider. Have a customer service that doesn't make you need to be on blood pressure medication. Have issues rectified and be honest about your equipment you are having people rent. We don't own our modems or our boxes. We pay a monthly service fee... for what? Having 6 boxes fail in 12 months? Having a modem cut out so often, you lose your phone call or internet? What are we doing with ego centric businesses who all they see are dollar signs? Why is technology evolving so quick that no one can keep up with it?

Comcast, you know where I live. Come find me and give me this information. I want a new box, not a 10 times refurbished box. I would love to get help from someone who isn't so quick to blame the other end of the phone.