Friday, November 2, 2012

Daily Dump (of pictures)

For some reason, my pictures don't always stream off my phone and go to my computer. Yes, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my antiquated phone. I am now using the iPhone 4, and it's a crazy phone. Almost useless in some cases. There has to be a way, where you can just make a call, with out it looking like a Skype screen, and adding a contact (who originally rang you), without calling them back. True story - I've accidentally called so many people back, because I intended on entering them as a contact, but somehow it calls, not saves. Why do we rely on these smart phones again?

At any rate, as previously mentioned (here and here), the anti abortionists are out in style. Old ladies with the "Cadillac of walkers" (Google it; you'll see what I mean), the tiny tots informing the curb that men regret losing the chance of fatherhood, the woman holding the rosary bead in one hand and telling everyone to pray for abortion (whilst looking like a street walker, herself) with the other.

Yesterday, on my way to work, I found something that was too picture perfect to not snag an opportunity. Two months ago, I made a reference to "an empty chair". Well, Cypress and Winkler had their own lawn ornament, picketing abortion:

I kid you not. This was out with the rest of the picketers. No one was around it. There must have been 15 people outside, all 10 feet or more, away from this. No one wanted to claim this, perhaps? People are hard strung to demand that everyday Joes pray to an invisible person that abortion ends, but what does this chair amount to? Is it the lost children? Is it something we have to think about and ponder our existence over?

You tell me.