Thursday, November 15, 2012

Research says....

According to my daily stats, I've been getting a lot of hits from my cluster bomb on Comcast. Not only that, there is a comment currently awaiting approval to be posted.

It's from someone at the "National Comcast Operations" centre. From what I've found, this guy posts the exact same message on every blog that talks smack about the company. If it's not  verbatim script, it's highly similar.

The guy's name is Mark, and the various posts I've read, state this guy is an auto bot. Considering he wants you to email him / the company your account info and phone number, plus the link to the website (blog post), people are commenting it's a scam. I think it's a scam as well.

There was one comment I saw on another page that said they attempted to contact this guy, and some woman called them back. They lived in one state, and the woman was calling from two states over, to try and rectify the situation. Although one of their problems lied in the fact that they couldn't get feedback from the guy they emailed (or from a support member where they lived), They also said that the woman who called was reading a script and was grumpy as hell. The way she was "trying to help", the customer took it completely in the other direction - her tone said she didn't want to be at work!

I think I need to find more information about this, before approving the guy's comment. I mean, Comcast still sucks. But the auto bot makes matters worse. If this weren't a scam, then people would not be getting the "Please include the account or phone number associated with the account. Please include the link to this page too as a point of reference." comment on their pages. The one I received actually had a misspell. He wrote "pint" instead of "point".That's proof right there, this is an automated response. Wouldn't a "national" member check their spelling? And wouldn't they change their script for whatever they're responding to?

I honestly don't know at this point. I know it's not my phone, TV or computer that is the problem. Well, I know my computer is crap, because it's a lemon, but that's not the problem. The problem is the 10 times over refurbished cable box the company doles out. Not the new HDMI cord I opened 2 months ago. Not the TV we bought a year ago (and for that matter, the one in my room that's 6 months old). Technology can fail at the drop of a hat, but not like the way they say.

Oh, and as I wrote this, my Comcast internet dropped 4 times and I had to restart, so this post got finished later on in the afternoon, rather than 8:40 in the morning.