Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gobble gobble

Happy Thanksgiving! What are YOU thankful for?

Me? I'm just glad I have what I have, I know who I know, and that's what counts.

Watching the adverts lately, it looks like Kohls is going to be having some big door buster sale. Normally, if you spend $50, you get 10 Kohls cash back. For Black Friday (tomorrow), they're offering $15 instead. Man, I tell you, if it weren't going to be a 45 minute drive and be a line around the block, I'd go. I like shopping there because you can get everything you need and get money back at the same time (if you spend the right amount... but they do offer a percentage off if you open a credit card, and they allow you to pay your credit card off right there at the register). Funny enough, because of my Kohls cash, last Christmas, I got the Jack LaLanne power juicer for $69 because was starting to go on sale. Normal price is $99. I love that juicer. But yeah, Kohls is good. A co worker and I actually talked about it this week - how he loves getting his 6 year old everything there, and know it'll last longer than a week. So if you can stand the lines, I suggest going for the cash. You're bound to find something.

18022_BF Code: Everyone saves an extra 15% off w/ Code: BLACKFRI + Free Shipping on $50 (11/21-11/23)

Now that we got Black Friday and Thanksgiving out of the way....

Tuesday we went to the Sandsculpting Competition/ Championship on Fort Myers Beach. Took lots of really cool photos. The sculptors are really talented!

I didn't get closeups of everything, but one sculpture was really neat. It's called "Old Man Winter", and unfortunately, I didn't get the name of the person who made it.

You can really see the level of detail that was put into this piece. The entire thing looks like this:


Another interesting one, "Bet The Farm", wasn't so much a winner. It was put in the way back, where it looks like ideas were left to die.


"Mined" is really cool - especially the detail in the brain:

If you have time this week/end, and are around, I think the competition is staying until Sunday. $5 to get in, vendors, and enough amazing art to last a lifetime. Fort Myers Beach. The entrance is on Estero, by the Holiday Inn. Information is here and here.