Friday, December 17, 2010

Has Your Family Tried Them?


A couple months ago, I ordered A Prairie Home Companion swag. POEM mug, hat, and trifecta gift set entitled Poetry Lover's Gift Set. That set includes the POEM shirt, English Majors CD, and an autographed copy of Garrison Keillor's 77 Love Sonnets. And yes, it's really autographed.

I love the fact that not only did my purchase support public radio, but the CD is super cool. It's a 2 disc, 2 1/2 hour compilation that features various performances from the show. All brought to you by the show's sponsor, POEM - Professional Organization|of English Majors (hence the title of the album). There are some funny bits on the disc. Like the Six minute Hamlet and an explanation of why you say "who" instead of "whom" (or vice versa).

If you buy one comedic performance before the year ends, I say go buy the English Majors CD from the Pretty Good Goods store. Peruse the site, maybe you might find something else - there's a link on the side bar for the Car Talk show, Splendid Table, and much more. The items make swell gift ideas and I am sure that you'll dig what you get (as I am sure if you gift it, that person will too). They really have some good stuff. I have been a public radio listener for years, and am really glad I found this site.