Sunday, December 19, 2010

Overly Joyed

Look what I found whilst shopping at Christmas Tree! It's terriyaki sauce for the Jews! I had a laugh at this because it's so overtly racist, yet people buy this up by the caseful. Soy Vay's motto (according to their website) is "Chinese girl meets Jewish boy... and Soy Vay! All natural, kosher sauces, marinades and dressings since 1982." Come on! It's funny, but why not cash in on the stereotype? I admit, that I have some (Jewish) friends and family that must go to the Chinese restaurant for goyim holidays, but a lot of other religions do too! I'm not trying to defend anyone here, nor am I upset; don't get me wrong. But Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree, why is it between Emeril's wing sauce and Inglehoffer stone ground mustard?


And on a related side note: my neighbour decided he needed more Christmas decorations. He put up a banner of sorts on his shed. The picture quality is kind of crap, but it's the Virgin Birth. After the picture was taken, he added icicle lights encircling the nylon picture. It looks worse from my window, then the picture does justice.