Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ya, I'm not that bright

My driveway is cleaned, but there is a sheet of icy snow on it, and although it'd give me an excuse to do something besides be on the computer all day, I don't want to break my back chipping away at it. I did manage to get some of it down to gravel, but that was only so I could make sure my car would get out with no problem.

Upon finishing a sqaure of it, I decided to utilise my time outside for a few more minutes and grabbed my camera. Since it's a known fact that my only form of digital media is my camera phone, I opted for my SLR instead. It's so beautiful out, that the pictures will come out crisper. Unfortunately, I use rolls of film, so the snow scens will have to wait until development. Which could be the end of the week, providing I go out and do some errand shopping. I want to wait until tomorrow at least so some of the ice melts a bit. Do not have 4 wheel drive, so fishtails are inevitable. However, I'm not that bright. What seemed like a good idea at the time, brought forth a rammification that exceeds the pretty trees. I ain't got no more film! I used up the two rolls I had! I didn't think to check if I had a spare! Ruh Roh. I guess I'm buying a four pack when I go out to develop as well.

But at any rate, I shall be uploading todays ventures later in the week, once I get the photos back. Tis proof I should get in the digital age and buy myself a cheap camera! Haha.

Bis dann...