Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wassup, dog?

We have Eastern Insurance, like some Massholes may. So we got a newsletter in the post today about general things - new law relating to homes with oil heat, changing the preferred method of contact, knowing when your license expires (the Mass RMV is no longer mailing renewal applications), How to save money with inusrance costs, the new law about people being liable for snow removal, and finally dogs. The dog thing is what caught my eye.

"Most insurance companies will not provide coverage with these breeds * of dogs [...] any dog with a bite or vicious history!". I am going to attach the list, but that's alot of dogs that might not be covered! I can understand rotties and pit bulls, but am I that naive in thinking that Huskies are dangerous? They may be sled dogs, but I didn't know they were on they are on the same caliber as a Wolf Hybrid. Same goes for Saint Bernards, Giant Schnauzers and Spitz/Eskimos. English Terriers are just fucking disturbing looking, while Korean Jindos look like the devil in fur.

Oh, and an update with my pictures from yesterday: currently scanning them into the computer - don't have a digital CD or any other way to get them in the computer, so 51(ish) photos take time. Should be uploaded within the next 24 hours (I hope).

See ya'll on the flip. Going to continue scanning. Currently on the second roll of film, so we're getting there!