Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dum duh dum dump


Time to resurrect the (not so) daily dump of pictures. Now that I upgraded into the 21st Century and have an iPhone (yes, as messed up as this world is, I got a iPhone 4), my pictures photo stream onto my phone via the iCloud. It's soooo mind blowing, the way you take a photo now! and the image is on my computer then!. Only in the vast membranes of our old school thinking, is it magic.

I just think it's weird that, providing my craptop is on, my pictures appear in a folder. And I'm not even home to do it. It's scary, truth be told. It's the power of technology and it's the power of life. People want things 20 minutes ago, and the world is attempting to get to that speed. It's wild.

Just like some of the pictures I've taken recently.