Friday, March 29, 2013

Puts me in a dreamstate

Recently picked up Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics at the library today.

Wow, I must say, for something that's supposed to be from the 1920s to 30s, it's got some great qualities to it. Sure, someone used the audio magic on it to clean up the sound, most likely, but it's cool. If you close your eyes, you can just picture white sandy beaches, clear blue seas for miles, palm trees and volcanoes. It's so beautiful, sitting here, eyes closed, listening to the sounds of an island from long ago. It makes me want to not only visit The Big Island (and the smaller ones), but it makes me want to pick up a Lap Steel Guitar and learn to play.

If I can't do either, I'm just going to get this album and make it a permanent figure in my collection. It just makes me happy to listen to it. Brings back memories of friends and family, love lost and forgotten.  Definitely something to keep on rotation, perhaps play at parties.

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I forgot; Easter's this weekend. Kohl's is having a big sale. Anyone see their new advert for the tooth fairy? Funny as hell... kid gets a wad of Kohl's cash. Happy Easter

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