Monday, March 18, 2013

History buffs... unite?

I've noticed lately, that there's been way too much talk about World War I and war torn England. All the people in my complex love the Downton Abbey series, and are ever more excited now that season 3 has wrapped up. Unfortunately for the Americans, season four doesn't air until January 201 (Sept 2013 in the UK). I finally caught up with the program, and am bummed that I have to wait another ten months to see what happen(s/ed) do each of the characters.

If you know nothing about this Carnival (and now the US PBS Masterpiece) production, the basis of the show is that it follows a rather wealthy family in the start of 1912 in rural England. They have a huge mansion of a castle to take care of, and their "downstairs" staff quietly and discreetly handles the things you normally wouldn't want to see. We follow both upstairs family (The owners of the house) and the downstairs family (servants) co exist together from the sinking of the Titanic, to the start (and subsequent finish) of the war, and everything in between; including scandal, weddings, and lust. It's your reality tv meets soap opera meets typical UK programming at its finest. I mean that in a good way. I've watched plenty of various shows to understand that sometimes you just gotta watch it for what it is, and enjoy the ride.

It's very well written and eloquently produced. I did find myself having to think back through my history courses in remembering what came next in certain country history, but this show is close to, if not spot on with accuracy. That from a cultural and historical standpoint, I mean. Highly recommended viewing and purchasing, especially for history buffs.

On the same page as wanting something to watch, I mentioned back in November 2011, that I liked reading (and re reading) Pat Barker's Regeneration trilogy. If the books weren't packed somewhere in the bowels of my storage closet, I'd pull them out. Also, I don't think I'd start it now. I'm actually trying to get through a Stephen King book, as well as I've got way too many books to divulge in, before I start re-reading an old series. But, that's not to say I wouldn't attempt to dig out the old set pretty soon and see what trouble the good old Doctor Rivers can get me in to...

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