Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mmm... Spammy

I love canned emails. Especially ones from jobs I've applied for.

Gone are the days when one would spend hundreds of dollars a month on sending out resumes and portfolios to employers; shaking hands and networking, making yourself known. Today, we're headhunting online, sharing video chat screen names and casting a wide net on search sites in hope we catch a good job.

That being said, I belong to a sports site, as I've probably mentioned before, and taken screen caps of emails. What cracks me up, is the fact that I never get a formal response. It's all computer generated because I don't pay the 20 dollars a month for a better pitch or have met any specific qualities some poor sap might possess.

Tonight's spammed canned email belongs to the NFL. I applied for a job with a team a few months ago. Once. But the coding on sending the "we're sorry we found someone else" emails sent me four, yes 4, emails. All telling me the same thing.

I apparently don't meet anything they are looking for. 

All the emails I get back from the specific sports site read the same way. It often makes me wonder how this company stays in business if they can't keep track of who's getting emails? Surely, of the thousands of postings I apply to, my resume HAS to be seen by a human. Yes, this is the technological age where computers can do every thing for us because people are lazy, but on the other hand... well... companies are becoming all to reliant on machines to do their work. How does a computer know I'm not suited for the job, when it's looking at key words in my cover letter? How does not talking to a human equate that I spelled everything correctly and dotted my i's in my resume? Come on.... give me a break!